July 04, 2021


I've been interested in the reddit API for a while, as it is a site I interact with frequently and has a few interesting details in its implementation.

In the past, I've used the Python Reddit API Wrapper (PRAW) to create an API for accessing saved reddit posts, as well as numerous other quick scripts for analysing reddit data.

As a challenge to myself, I decided to build my own...

June 04, 2020


Recently, I've been working on a web application to manage recipes that my partner and I have collected. The application provides forms to enter the recipe metadata as well as the ingredients that comprise the recipe.

To ease the process of copying recipes into system, I started to investigate whether it would be possible to extract the details of a recipe from the website where it is listed. This post will detail the process involved in building the functionality to import recipes, including extracting the raw data and parsing into a useable...

October 15, 2016

In my second semester of 2016 I took a paper titled Operating Systems, which is a 300 level paper that deals with Operating Systems concepts and design. The majority of this paper focuses on the MINIX OS to provide examples of design decisions (e.g. microkernel vs. monolithic kernel) and as the system is reasonably small and manageable (relative to something like Linux) it allows for the code to be analysed and modified to learn more about it.

A core component of this paper is what is called the MINIX Project,...